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Giuseppe Conte to Resign as Italian Prime Minister

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte of Italy, center, addressing the Senate in Rome on Tuesday.

In U.K., Concern Grows Over Vaccine Hesitancy Among Minority Groups

Brixton, London, in May. Health experts and lawmakers have called for collecting more data on the vaccine rollout across different ethnic backgrounds and to improve messaging on vaccine safety.

China Wanted to Show Off Its Vaccines. It’s Backfiring.

Brazilian indigenous people waiting in São Paulo to receive a coronavirus vaccine from the Chinese company Sinovac. Brazilian officials have complained that Chinese companies have been slow to ship the doses and ingredients.

Chinese and Indian Troops Clash at Their Disputed Border

Narendra Modi, India’s prime minister, during his visit in July with soldiers in Ladakh, the region where Chinese and Indian troops had clashed just two weeks before.

In Poor Madrid Neighborhood, Biggest Snowfall in Half Century Deepens Misery

Cañada Real in Madrid, home to about 8,000 people, is one of Europe’s largest shantytowns.

Israel Extradites Teacher Accused of Abuse in Australia, Reports Say

Malka Leifer, right, a former teacher accused of dozens of counts of sexual abuse and rape in Australia, at the District Court in Jerusalem in 2018.

Covid-19 Live Updates: Moderna Is Working on Vaccine Booster for New Variant

Portugal’s President Wins Re-election, but Far Right Gains

President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, right, after casting his ballot on Sunday.

Capitol Riot Puts Spotlight on ‘Apocalyptically Minded’ Global Far Right

Supporters of President Donald J. Trump standing off with the police outside the U.S. Capitol grounds on Jan. 6.

For Nicaragua’s Lobstermen, Deadly Dives Are All Too Common

Ramiro, a 38-year-old diver. returning to the surface with his catch: sea cucumbers, star fish and lobsters. “There are no other income opportunities here at the coast,” he said.

Navalny Attacked by Putin Allies After Russia Protests

Tens of thousands of protesters across Russia demonstrated on Saturday in response to the jailing of the opposition leader Aleksei A. Navalny.

Pro-Navalny Protest Photos: Wave of Anger Rolls Across Russia

Alarm in U.K. Over Virus Variant Bolsters Case for Lockdown

Oxford Circus in London on Sunday. London remains under lockdown as it confronts a new variant of the coronavirus.

China Sends Warplanes to Taiwan Strait in a Show of Force to Biden

Your Tuesday Briefing

A health worker in Indonesia delivers containers of the Sinovac vaccines. Officials there initially said the Sinovac vaccines had a 68 percent efficacy rate.

E.U. Condemns Arrest of Navalny and Supporters

Aleksei A. Navalny, second from right, is escorted handcuffed after a court hearing in Moscow on Jan. 18.

Five Past Vaccine Drives and How They Worked

Swine flu vaccinations in Greenwich, Conn., in 1976.

Song Yoo-jung, a South Korean Actress, Has Died at 26

Song Yoo-jung in 2014. She appeared in several Korean television dramas and also acted in music videos.

Rare Violin Tests Germany’s Commitment to Atone for Its Nazi Past

Moderna Says Vaccine Still Protects Against Virus Variants

A vial of the Moderna vaccine in Santa Rosa, Calif., earlier this month.

A vaccine ad invokes the culture of Mardi Gras to reduce hesitancy.

Arizonans seeking vaccination are mistakenly calling an 8-year-old girl in Missouri.

A parking lot of the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Ariz., which has been turned into a mass vaccination site.

Debating Stimulus Checks

A store in Brooklyn advertised to cash stimulus checks in April.

Some homeless shelter operators in N.Y.C. bypass the city to speed up Wi-Fi access.

Aaron Morris, 15, who lives in a family shelter in Brooklyn and attends school online, said the unreliable internet in his apartment is hurting his grades.

What if you never get better from Covid-19?

A coronavirus testing site in Somerton, Ariz., this month. Doctors are trying to understand why some people who contracted the virus continue to experience symptoms long after they have gotten better.

Here's why West Virginia is a leader in the U.S. vaccine rollout.

Members of a vaccine task force met this month in West Virginia’s command center in Charleston.

Your Monday Briefing

People sit after receiving their Pfizer-BioNTech vaccination at Salisbury Cathedral in Salisbury, England.

AMLO, Mexican President, Has Coronavirus

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico said he would continue to carry out his official duties.

Five Takeaways From the Developing Space War Between China and the U.S.

The Trump administration’s Space Force sought to acquire not only popular approval but an arsenal of weapons for fighting in outer space.

How Space Became the Next ‘Great Power’ Contest Between the U.S. and China

The Space Force created during the Trump administration seeks new weapons to ensure its superiority in “a war-fighting domain.”

Your Monday Briefing

The restricted area in the Jordan district of Hong Kong on Saturday.

French Roosters Now Crow With the Law Behind Them

Corinne Fesseau feeding her rooster Maurice in Saint-Pierre-d’Oléron in 2019. His crowing prompted a court case.

Asia’s ‘El Chapo’ Is Arrested in Amsterdam

A meth lab inside a compound in Thailand linked to The Company, a sprawling drug syndicate that has flooded countries in Asia with methamphetamine, in 2019. The syndicate’s alleged leader, Tse Chi Lop, was arrested Friday.

Chinese Miners Pulled to Surface 2 Weeks After Underground Explosion

One of the rescued miners on Sunday in Qixia, a city in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong.

U.S. Virus Cases Top 25 Million

The official U.S. coronavirus case tally works out to about one in every 13 people in the country.

‘America’s salad bowl’ is fertile ground for Covid-19.

A migrant worker on a break from harvesting lettuce in Somerton, Ariz.

Olympic Athlete Speaks of Assault and Breaks a Bigger Silence in Greece

Sofia Bekatorou in Athens on Wednesday. She won a gold medal in her discipline at the 2004 Athens Olympics and bronze four years later in Beijing.

Barred From U.S. Under Trump, Muslims Exult in Biden’s Open Door

A protest in New York in 2017 in opposition to President Donald J. Trump’s executive order preventing people from several majority Muslim countries from entering the country.

A Decade On, Silence Fills Egypt’s Field of Broken Dreams

Hundreds of Thousands protested in Tahrir Square in 2011. Buildings visible in the background include the Arab League headquarters, top left, and the Egyptian Museum, right center.

If Poor Countries Go Unvaccinated, a Study Says, Rich Ones Will Pay

Getting a coronavirus test in Ahmedabad, India. A new study calls attention to the pandemic’s damage to supply chains that even wealthy nations depend on.

Two Years After Legalizing Cannabis, Has Canada Kept Its Promises?

Buds of dried cannabis flowers at a growing facility in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

In Crises, Vaccines Can Be Stretched, but Not Easily

A pharmacy worker preparing a coronavirus vaccine dose in England this week.

Aleksei Navalny Protests Constitute Biggest Russian Dissent in Years

Demonstrators clashing with the police on Saturday in Moscow.

Philippine Drug Raid Leaves 13 Dead

Thousands of people in the Philippines have been killed in President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs.

Hong Kong and Madrid tighten lockdowns amid concerns over the new variant.

The restricted area in the Jordan district of Hong Kong on Saturday.

Beny Steinmetz, a Mining Magnate, Found Guilty in Swiss Corruption Trial

Beny Steinmetz was sentenced to a five-year jail term after being convicted of corruption charges involving mining deals in Guinea.

Fresh Starts at the Top in Both Washington and Ottawa

President Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have a warm relationship, in part from Mr. Biden’s eight years as vice president.

UK Warns New Coronavirus Variant May Be Deadlier

Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about the virus variant at a news conference on Friday in London.

How Beijing Turned China’s Covid-19 Tragedy to Its Advantage

A hospital last month in Wuhan, China, where an outbreak of the coronavirus was initially concealed. In the government’s telling, Wuhan stands not as a testament to China’s weaknesses but to its strengths.

Voices From China's Covid Crisis, One Year After Wuhan Lockdown

An exhibition in Wuhan, China, commemorating the city’s struggle with the coronavirus.

A Year Later, Wuhan, the First Post Coronavirus Pandemic City

NY State Will Temporarily Run Out of Vaccine Doses by End of Day

A screener checks in patients at a Covid-19 vaccination site in Jones Beach last week. Vaccine manufacturers are having difficulty meeting demand.

On ‘Rooftop of Africa,’ Ethiopia’s Troops Hunt Fugitive Former Rulers

A member of the Ethiopian military near the city of Alamata in the Tigray region last month.

Smugglers Get Long Prison Terms in U.K. for Their Roles in Killing 39 Migrants

The truck where 39 people were found dead, being guarded by a police officer in 2019.

Justin Trudeau Gets Call From Biden as Canada and U.S. Mend Relations

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arriving to a press conference on Friday where he addressed his future relationship with President Biden.